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This blog is designed to educate you on foot and ankle health issues and all the things that can help you run fitter and faster.


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I want to help you navigate the sea of choices and conflicting information, and feel confident with your health care decisions.


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There are ways to avoid significant injuries or treat a minor injury before it becomes a nagging chronic problem.


Put Your Best Foot Forward. Tips and Tricks to Run Injury Free!

If you are here, you are probably a runner or triathlete needing some advice. 

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Dr Crane's book is FREE for those runners that live in the DFW area. (If you are out of my town, you can still have one; but you have to pay retail....sorry!)


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The purpose of this website is to provide the running and triathlon community with practical advice and resources to keep you running healthy and strong. As a sports medicine podiatrist, it appalls me the amount of misinformation available on the web. This site only provides time-tested, medically sound advice for runners and triathletes. No gimmicks or nonsense to make a buck! Visit my blog for weekly updates! Join the FAANT Facebook Fan Club for lots of FREE goodies and our monthly newsletter!


MORE FREE BOOKS!! Because so many people suffer from foot pain

Dr. Marybeth Crane

unnecessarily, my partners and I, at Foot & Ankle Associates of North Texas, LLP, collaborated and wrote the book on foot pain, 'Got Feet?' to answer commonly asked questions. Get your free copy here.


Bottom line: I live, breathe, work, swim, bike and run (and even try to race lol!) in the Dallas-Fort Worth running community, so let me help you run fitter, faster and most important, injury free! 


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